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We are pleased to announce that a selection of papers will be invited to contribute to a special issue dedicated to red-conference of JUCS – Journal of Universal Computer Science. In the special issue are also accepted external articles.

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The international red-conference – rethinking education in the knowledge society – brings together experts and researchers investigating the field of technology in education. The setting for this informative event is Centro Stefano Franscini – the congress centre of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETH Zurich) situated at Monte Verità.

The primary goals of the red-conference are:
  • The provision of an interdisciplinary discussion venue where both veteran and young researchers in the area of digital technologies in education can share experiences;
  • The provision of a networking environment for researchers, with special reference to funding agencies;
  • The dissemination of research results of young scholars, contributing to their establishment within the local and international research community.

Proceedings: errata corrige

The correct version of page 114 can be found here. Therefore, the correct reference of eLearning in a bank setting: the case of BPS (Suisse) is:

De Ascaniis S., Tardini S., Rapetti E. (2011). eLearning in a bank setting: the case of BPS (Suisse). In Lorenzo Cantoni (eds.). Proceedings of the Red-Conference: Rethinking Education in the Knowledge Society (Ascona, Switzerland, 7-10 March 2011), Lugano (Switzerland): Università della Svizzera italiana [ISBN: 978-88-6101-010-9], pp. 114-135