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Autumn and winter are coming, and that means you do not naturally stand to go on an adventure. In fact, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation. That is why I am writing this article to let you even in the autumn and winter months enjoy the adventure. As much as you do in the summer months. Are you ready to pack your best camping tents and go to step through a micro adventure?

Here are ten tips to prepare for the cold and rainy weather, which of course you are not going to stop to escape everyday life.

1. Moisture Is The Biggest Enemy Of Heat

You are the source of heat. Your clothes are not. Your body creates the warmth, and your clothes hold the heat. Moisture is the worst enemy of heat, and the wetter you are the faster you cool down.

2. Three Layer system

The first layer should dispose of sweat to the next tier. The second layer is intended to keep the body warm, and the third layer is to protect against wind and water. This whole system is the reason why I prefer wearing different removable layers. You can vary them. Do you get hot you just remove a layer, for example, if you ride you can start all three layers and delete the middle after 30 minutes?

Make a down jacket to these three layers when it’s freezing, when you pause or evening during your dinner.

3. Stuff From Your Clothes

Avoid clothing made of pure cotton. This type of material retains moisture, making it cools. Synthetic materials hold moisture and dry much faster. Dry clothing keeps you warm better.

4. Fuel For The Body

Eat and drink regularly to keep warm, preferably in small amounts, which helps to keep your body active so that it creates heat.

5. Hot Creep

You have cycled all day, sitting here in the campfire, and as you cool down, you go to sleep. Your sleeping bag is not designed to warm you up but more importantly to retain heat. Make sure in any case that you warm crawl into your sleeping bag. Do some exercise gym or run a few laps before you go to sleep. Make sure you do not sweat.

In cold conditions, use a hat and a scarf to keep warm your face. Especially with your bare head, you can lose a lot of body heat at night.

6. Sleep In Dry Clothes

A jog before going to sleep can thus help you stay warm in your sleeping bag. Just do not forget to stay dry. Sometimes if you are cycling or walking it may be better to let go of your ambition for speed because it’s either hot and dry or wet and cold. Wet and warm is an impossible combination in the autumn and winter months.

7. Prop clothes around you in your sleeping bag

If you wear clothes as it should, you create little air between the clothes and your body. What can help is to take your clothes to cram into your sleeping bag so that more air between your body, clothing and sleeping bags. In this way, deal insulates a lot better, and that helps to keep your body warm.

8. Use Free Newspapers

If you’re still shivering from the cold in your sleeping bag is you can also use newspapers for makeshift insulation, as well as disposable towel to dry the next morning your tent and other belongings.

9. Lightstones

Not only attractive light, but also a source of heat. If you have one in your shoe, you can stop the light then you bring your tent and then gives back heat. Not crazy huh?

10. Let Your Hair Grow

If you want to make sure that your body is functioning optimally late than (any) sites, grow hair. Much body hair – for the man in this case – not only ensures that you look good but also keeps another substantial body heat. Also not crazy huh?

Adventure in the autumn and winter months can be miserable. Do not think too much about rain and cold, but also think of the benefits that you have in front of camping in the summer months. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while you will not be annoyed by mosquitoes. Have a fun adventure and stay especially warm!

Experience camping in the fall and winter months? Let us hear from you! Share some extra tips in the comments section. For more information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/

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