How to choose cheap tents for sale for Family?.

Going on family? Nothing like a family tent for a great time of conviviality! Used by nomads in prehistoric times, the tent is still much appreciated! This is essential when breakouts on vacation, to be installed on the beach, on a hill or camping. Family tents are generally composed of several “rooms” and can have as much space as you want. This article is not about choosing a best family tent. However, a large number of very different family tents are available, so here are some information, advice and recommended cheap tents for sale for your future family tent.

The different family tents

Among the various models of tents, domes are ideal for more space. Some dome tents even let stand, and offer separate areas for children and parents! In addition, assembly is easy and they are self-supporting. The protection against weather also ensures optimum comfort. The “geodesic” tents or igloos are dome tents which are added additional poles in order to increase the stability and wind resistance.

The tunnel tents are also very popular, providing separate spaces. These were also designed for a good wind resistance while maintaining lightness. However, they are not self-supporting and must be planted in full with stakes.

The criteria to be considered

When purchasing a family tent, there are criteria to be reckoned with! We must first ask how many people will be in the tent to choose the size and the number of rooms. Most of multi-room tents are two room tents, very few has more than 3 rooms. You must pay attention to the type of place where you go camping. Is it a camping or bivouacs? Some places require weatherproof tent or it must be suited to the terrain. Think also about climatic conditions, in order to choose impregnated cotton and polyester adapt to different climates (cotton is ideal for warm weather and conversely for polyester tents). Finally, it is not enough to buy a tent according to one trip, if you also plan to have the opportunity to travel in a tent at any time of year, you should have family tents not only for hot weather but also for 3 seasons (spring, summer and fall) and 4 seasons! Buy online your family tent! Buy the best price of tents on sale by comparing thousands of merchants.

Now we are giving you some recommended cheap tents on sale. Hope you find a good one for your family.

  1. VidaXL: Family Tent Dome 6 blue and yellow seats

1. VidaXL Family Tent Dome 6 The blue and yellow tent dome is easy to assemble with its fiberglass stakes and easy to fold and put away at the end of the holiday! It weighs 6 kg. The tent provides a sleeping 6 people maximum.

Polyester tent dries quickly after rain. The input can also act as an awning (better protection in case of heavy rain).

This tent has it all at the lowest prices: mosquito nets and plastic canvas to the floor.

The inner wall material is porous. The floor is covered with a film of polyethylene which guarantees you stay clean and dry.

In order to get a tent 100% waterproof, we recommend that you spray the tent with a waterproofing spray.

  1. Surpass Tent Camping Crew 8 Places


This tent is very easy to assemble (2 inexperienced persons = 1 hour for a first assembly and 1 hour for the only disassembly). It has an impressive area with only rooms. It also already has two small tears in the attachments to fix with sardines (perhaps this come from the assembly by unaccustomed people with too tight these sardines). Given the price, we recommend this product for casual campers because we do not think the attempt is resistant to numerous montages. However, it’s still a very beautiful material and you will not regret your purchase.

  1. Coleman – Ridgeline 4 plus

Ideal to accommodate two couples or a family with two children, the tent Coleman Ridgeline 4 Plus has two compartments and dormitories up in less than 15 minutes! The middle portion measuring 205 cm high, high enough to be able to dress up, and the area in the middle measuring 170 x 210 cm. Once deployed, the awning is perfect for shelter from the rain.

This tent Coleman is designed to be mounted in a few short moments: push the plates in cloth and stow them with sardines. You can then store your stuff in the tent, and you’re ready for camping!

The different elements of this Coleman tent tested to withstand wind, rain and fire. It also provides WeatherTEC® system, a test method which ensures that your product does not fly in the first gust of wind. Dormitories compartments measuring 160 cm high and 140 cm wide. A compartment can accommodate two people. The total area of ​​this tent is 460 x 210 cm. When it rains, the droplets run off the fabric and it has a good ventilation system while protecting from rain.

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