It can be an excellent choice for a romantic couple or a family plan that funny. Ideal for daring the adventure time comes. Do you think so?

It is not necessary (although it is more beautiful, of course), have opposite a large mountain, sea or forest of those. To go camping just to want to put the body to adventure and entering contacts with the benefits (and not) of nature. Here, some tips if you set up the tent with glasses and opt for a different weekend.

1) Find a beautiful place. Of course, there are high places: the mountains, the sea or a forest of many years. But it is not necessary to have a week of vacation or travel hundreds of kilometers to try a camping experience. The important thing is to look, ask, and know in advance where you go camping. It is key that is safe. That has some natural beauty, and the camping has minimum services as good bathrooms, a pantry, etc.

2) If you have no tent, you can borrow one. Still, nothing is what it was today, in many supermarkets, you can get very cheap a nice tent for 2, 4 or 6 people, or a coleman 8 person tent. The Chiquita with agree: there is no place either for the bag. Before traveling, I learn how it a weapon, someone who can view or read the instructions. We recommend the igloo, as they are the easiest to assemble and are the most stable in form. Do not forget any piece home.

3) If you have zero experience, to get to the camping, please consult other travelers or the same responsible for the place which is the best place to install the tent. If it rains, if there is the wind, the sun. A bad location you can ruin a good plan.

4) If you camp in the river, do not unique on the banks: it is important to be careful growing. The same, if you are near the sea. The highlands are the most recommended to prevent flooding in case of rain. If it starts raining, dig a gutter around the tent.

5) Clean the ground before assembling the tent: a key to remove the stones and branches, as they can be very uncomfortable at bedtime on them.

6) Plan clothes depending on the weather. Do not carry more: it is unlikely to be in a campsite, with the discomforts involved, you change very often. And large bags will be a hindrance. It is advisable to carry a raincoat, a jacket, and comfortable clothes. Always, two pairs of shoes. The sleeping bag is essential, and for years the inflatable mattress is imposed. Nothing of so much suffering!

7) Fundamental: Beware insects and other animals. Take watching mosquito repellent and before bed checks your tent: Kerala well to leave so that no gaps through which they can enter spiders, scorpions, toads, etc. Probably there is nothing risky, but you can paste the shock of your life.

8) Take watching a soap, sandals, towel and bath items you consider essential. In most cases, the bathrooms are communal campsites.

9) Think what you will eat and see if the site has a pantry or someplace nearby to buy. Do not forget you will not have a refrigerator. It is recommended canned food, drinking water, kitchen utensils minimum (as dishes, cutlery, pot, the kettle to heat water, etc.).

10) Do not forget essential items like a flashlight, matches a knife. Takes a couple of medications that you use frequently and some disinfectant, if you suffer a power outage.

Essential equipment for camping

When we go camping one of the most decisive factors for the move on it is that we have a team of camping with those elements necessary and essential, especially things that we can not get where we are camping.

So the question we always do is what we? The answer is not fixed since it mostly depends on things like where will camp terrestrial environment, what kind of camping, if it is close to an urban area or no, the time of year, how many days we are camping, etc.


If you made an adventurer, if you are Passionate about excursions and organize you love camping or go camping, this article can be very useful. , Although the best time for These escapades is good weather, you can camp THROUGHOUT the year. Also, cold nights in the mountains or the countryside can not fully enjoy the camp. THEREFORE, in unComo’s how to keep warm camping. Follow These Simple Steps and record These tricks, and you’ll warm to live the most of your getaway without shivering.

1. First, add your luggage some piece of clothing more and replacement of socks and stockings. If You have cold Gradually, add layers of clothing can always be a relief. Try to pack coats, scarves, gloves and Everything That Serves You to lessen the cold. Remember, it is Advisable That the clothing is synthetic and heat.

2. Get to know the symptoms of hypothermia. As a hiker, you need to Have Such knowledge possible to Recognize These Situations Caused by the cold. If you act Immediately give giving heat to the AFFECTED and alerts emergency services.

3. Hydration. It is essential to stay well hydrated During the camp. Foods with carbohydrates are perfect to keep warm and avoid dehydration. Remember, even if They can not sweat a lot, you drink water as it Constantly is easy to miss this through perspiration.

4. Seeks protection from the wind and rain. These effects can weather Significantly lower thermal sensations.

5. A cup of hot soup, coffee or chocolate can be raised That cold food. It is THEREFORE Advisable to keep serving you a hot water pot. To Do This, you can make a campfire if space camp is right and protect the area from the wind by stones.

6. If You have a lot of heat Because of physical activity or effort, it is not recommended that you ‘take off all the layers. Outside cold can cause you to catch cold and lame colder. Remove your clothes Gradually layers.

7. Do not go to sleep wet. With the weather, moisture can Increase and feel low temperatures so you can get Also colder. Above all try to Have the hair completely dry.

8. Try to keep hands and feet warm. These body parts are very sensitive to cold and Abigail’s Should be THEREFORE well.

9. If you’re a small tall person, you can help warm clothes inside the bag adding. You can put you plan With Which to dress the next day, and contribute to warm overnight; Present will keep warm clothes for the next day.

10. If you are very sensitive to cold, you can warm up a couple of small bottles of water. Put them in the bag a few hours before bedtime. This will act as a heater for 6 to 8 hours.

11. Try not to sleep Directly on the ground. It is Advisable to place the thermal sleeping bag on a mat or a mat. THUS you will isolate sick ground and will keep the heat. If you Do not have them, you can use cartons.

12. As for the tents, the igloo is the MOST Appropriate. Its structure has an excellent insulating layer for wind and snow.


  • Try to keep your clothes clean. Otherwise, you lose May softness, moisture gain and HENCE cause colder.
  • Cotton clothing is the Least desirable heat does not keep Because.
  • If the tour is in the snow, dressed In Appropriate clothing for it always thermals above.
  • Uses thermal sleeping bags.
  • Try emptying the bladder before going to bed. Urinating at low temperatures and can destemplarte chills

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