The tent needs some care even if it is the best 4 person tent, so it can continue to be used for long periods. We learn the best way to care for them.

Tricks to make this tent in good condition

For our tent to perform its functions and remains our true companion adventure, you have to provide some care. These are very simple, and allow us to keep them in good condition for much longer.

Let’s see. Before disassembling the tent, we clean very well, both inside and out, with a brush or broom. How to care for and preserve a tent:

  • We must never store a wet or damp tent because that way the fabric enmohecerá and rot.
  • If for some reason we have disarmed and kept wet, to reach the destination we open and wait to dry thoroughly before returning it to its bag.
  • The length of the closures of the tent will depend heavily on the use and care we have with them. We must avoid all kinds of struggle and treat them gently, either to open or close them. They must be handled by the rack and not pulling your teeth.
  • When entering or leaving the tent, we must take care not to step on or pull closures.
  • To withstand the gales the tent fabric without damage, winds must always be placed, and should damar or down the eaves, if the model of the tent any.
  • If possible, do not set up the tent under trees, since these can throw branches or sap that would stain and damage the rainfly it. The same goes for the bird droppings that rely on its branches.
  • Never should enter the tent with footwear because Besides are dirtying it, it can damage the floor.
  • Around the tent to keep it, we must take care that there are no stakes in the folds or any items such as twigs or stones that could damage the material.
  • In the morning, you should aerate and let air and the sun for a while.
  • Never eat, cook or light lanterns inside the tent, as the material they are made is highly flammable.
  • When it rains, do not touch the wings or rainfly, since the inner fabric gets wet, and the water will begin to slip inside.
  • The tents should not be washed, just cleaned with a brush or broom. If for some reason you need better hygiene, do not use soaps or detergents, as nullify the waterproofing process that has the fabric. If further cleaning is required, we only use a sponge soaked with water and let dry well before storing.
  • You must always check the status of closures, the wind, and seems, to control if you need some repair before the next start.
  • Where possible, we fold the tent provided by the folds that are marked factory; thus possible deformations in its structure are avoided.

How to disassemble a tent

Disarm a tent properly is as important as its armed right, especially if we want to use it again for future trips. To start removing the tent must be done in reverse order as we put together. The first to be eliminated are the stakes, but not all together.

  • Before you begin, you must make close well all closures and thoroughly clean inside to remove all dust, dry leaves or twigs that may have entered. These elements can gather moisture and ruin the fabric of the tent.
  • Then the winds stakes are removed, and the studs are lowered (if you have the model of carp). The reason why not all the pins are taken together, it is because that way we make it harder to bend the tent properly.
  • As we are removing the stakes, we’ll remove the mud that may have adhered, to keep them totally clean. We took stakes that hold the rainfly, we lift and bend.
  • We do the same with the stakes that hold carp, turn and roll up so that the door is the first thing the next time the memos appears.
  • Finally, we keep the tent wrapped in the bag, along with studs and stakes.
  • Before storing the stakes, it is advisable to count, to make sure they are all and not have problems on the next tour.
  • The tent should always be kept clean and dry, if this is not possible, must re-arm them and vented as soon as possible, i.e., just reach the destination. If we wait for several days to do it, you can become moldy and ruined.
  • If the tent is dirty, arriving at our home, we must remove from the bag and clean it well. Do not use soaps or detergents because ruin the waterproofing process they have.
  • To do this, you just have to wet a sponge, clean it and let it dry and more thoroughly before returning it to storage.

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