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Introduce Mountain Bike For Beginners

Mountain bike is different from riding a BMX (bicycle motocross). It is hard to ride a mountain bike to the first timer, but if you introduce it right, they will realize that it is more convenient than riding a BMX because Mountain Bike can go uphill and more stable in rocky or bumpy roads. You will know how to choose the best mountain bike under 600 dollars at Recreation Space and learn some great biking skills there.

mountain biking


These are the following things you must consider:

Mental and physical preparation

When it comes to mental and physical preparation, you must keep your positive mind setting and condition yourself first. Make it fun! Just enjoy. You should also prepare your physical and mental strength. Your mind should always need to be alert on whatever kind of trail you must encounter. Bikers also reduces stress.

It is more fun and exciting to ride a mountain bike with your close friends, because you can’t feel any pressure and awkwardness.

Choose the right equipment

When it comes to choosing the right equipment you should advise them how to choose and recognize the good mountain bike. Ask them that good bike should not be seen in bright color paint or in physical appearance; it is seen on its performance.

Choose the right size of mountain bike. In choosing a mountain bike, make sure that the size of the frame is proportioned or fits to its wheels. Most of the 20 inch wheeled bike is crap while smalls wheels make life difficult off the road.

Choose the good quality. If you can afford to buy the highest grade quality of mountain bike, don’t hesitate because buying a good quality lasts longer. But if you can’t afford to buy the expensive one, you can also buy a cheaper one with good components. You can upgrade its parts when they are not good enough.

“Safety first”

Safety is the best policy in riding a mountain bike. Bring first aid kit that includes the following: cotton, Povidone iodine (Betadine™), Hydrogen Peroxide, gauze pads, band-aid. Beginners are prone to accidents even in scratches.

Use helmet and safety gear for your protection to avoid serious damages or chances of having mini-coma, head over here to find out the best mountain bike helmet. When it comes to your Mountain bike, always check the break, tires and always bring lube.

Remember that there is always a possibility that you can encounter a steep down slope, breathe deeply and enjoy the ride. You cannot learn if you can’t get some bruises. So, try and try to learn and always consider a safe ride. You should always prioritize your safety to avoid accidents and muscle fatigue.

Starting to ride off the road

Try the easy trail first, take one step at a time. Don’t take it seriously, just enjoy. Jot down or record every progress you have made every day.

You should know your own pace, in children’s, it is better to lead them out especially on uphill ride, if they feel tired, take a break, because some of them is shy to speak out that they are tired so try to be observant. Keep riding a mountain bike simple and fun and encourage them to be alive and strong to learn fast.

When facing harder trails

Never degrade their abilities, and never push them on dangerous slopes. Allow them to find their own solutions when facing rough roads or steepy sections. If they can’t, join them to take a walk.

Practice them to stand on pedals and balance their weight. There is a tendency for them to get nervous, they take their feet off the pedal and put them out of the side, this will cause accident or minor injury. Monitor their energy capacity, and take a break as possible because being tired can be dangerous when taking another difficult terrain.

Learning techniques in riding a mountain bike

Teach them some techniques, you should show them first some tricky stuff. But don’t pressure them to do it. If they are too nervous, don’t push them to try it. Have a positive mindset always. Teach them to ride a mountain bike in control and appropriate speed, ask them to keep their eyes, body and mind in focus. Keep a straight track and avoid hitting obstacles like trees.

Some of the first time mountain bike riders are naturally nervous. Nervousness can lead them to trouble and unfortunately accident. If they feel nervous, show to them some positive spirit. It is more fun and exciting to ride a mountain bike with your close friends, because you can’t feel any pressure and awkwardness. You can tell some story of your experiences when you are just like them as a beginner, then ask them to look forward and ignore the mouse in their chest to be an expert like you.

Also ask them that it is hard for the first time but it is just simple when they already learned the techniques. And they will realize that Mountain biking is really FUN and ADVENTUROUS. Always remember, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”.

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