Our test procedure: Tested and recommended tents

Our criteria

On this test, price taken into account is fixed because the price on the market are vary, so if you want to purchase “soft” prices, look for best family camping tents for sale.

The weight

The tent is weighed all the evidence provided by the manufacturer.

Why ? It is considered that the ideal weight of a tent is situated around 1 kilo per person. If kilo per person is reached, the grade assigned to 4/5. Weight is crucial when porting. For the record, 1 kilo too = 1 liter of water or two days of autonomy in food ration and less.

The folded volume

The tent is immersed in a container of 50 liters graded and filled three quarters. The container volume variation allows deducing the volume of the folded tent when it leaves the factory.

Why? For the size of the tent once stored inside your bag. Also ideally, the volume of a tent does not exceed 10% of the total volume of hiking bag. Attention folded tent is never as good as when new folded. It will be difficult to reach that volume after first use.

Assembly / disassembly stopwatch in hand

Testers of couples had five minutes to find each model, read the manual and understand the elements of the tent when applied to soil. The stopwatch started when the different elements were spread. It stopped when the last sardine was planted. This operation was performed twice for each model. The timer was again initiated to evaluate the folding time. It stopped when the storage bag was closed.

Why ? This time can be decisive whether to set up camp in the emergency and the exercise of assembly / disassembly proves particularly tedious trek over the days. It is estimated that the minimum installation time of a tent that three minutes is approximately known, our valuation basis to grant the score of 5/5. We’ve added a bonus of 1 point for each tent folded in under 4 minutes.

The “room” dimensions

We have taken the inner tent. Length, maximum width and height to the nearest centimeter.

Why ? It is estimated that a minimum width of 60 centimeters per person is required to pass a decent night. We attribute 2.5 / 5 for this minimum width. The length is also important for the big guys. We add 1 pt bonus for a length greater than 210 centimeters.

Manufacturing and finishing

Attention, we have not made”concrete” stress tests. This is a subjective assessment, based on the testers felt when handling. The total is then converted on five.

Results: Recommended tents which have been along with the testers

QUECHUA: T3 ultralight pro

Special features: tent 3 people

Materials used: aluminum poles 7001, polyester inner breathable PU coated polyester flysheet, floor mats polyamide 190 T

Weight: 2887 g

Volume when folded: 10.43 L

Interior dimensions:

212 x 170 x 100 cm

Recommended retail price: 109 Euros

FERRINO chaos 2

Special features: tent 2 places, apses, Screen Door

Materials used: duraluminium poles, mosquito net, double ripstop polyester roof, floor mats waterproof polyester

Weight: 2230 g

Volume when folded: 7.43 L

Interior dimensions:

208 x 126 x 100 cm

Recommended retail price: 183 euros

Mounting: 2/5

Manufacturing / finishes: 3.1 / 5

Note testers: 3/5

Goodies: interior storage, weight / volume

Cons: stitching, assembly time

Overall rating: 14.2 / 20

Namely: A model that does not suffer any major defect and has plenty of storage.


Special features: tent for 2, 4 seasons, double mounting roof first.

Materials used: duraluminium poles, room 190T nylon, ripstop nylon rain fly 210, mat 190 T + PU coating

Weight: 3320 g

Volume when folded: 12.78 L

Interior dimensions:

217 x 125 x 95 cm

Recommended retail price: 180 Euros

Mounting: 4.5 / 5

Manufacturing / finishes: 3.2 / 5

Note testers: 3/5

Goodies: 4 season floor mats

Cons: weight

Overall rating: 12.1 / 20

Untested models

Lafuma: Travel 3

Special features: tunnel tent 3 seasons, 2 side entrances

Used materials: fiberglass hoops room polycotton, polyester double roof 190T

Weight: 3400 g

Interior dimensions: 250 x 200 x 120 cm

Recommended retail price: 100 Euros

RAB extreme Summit

Special features: single-walled tent completely waterproof thanks to the use of tissue Exchange lite event (efficiency and robustness)

Weight: 2200 g

Interior dimensions: 210 x 120 x 70 cm

Recommended retail price: 499 Euros


Special features: tents for 3, two side doors Mesh, apse, variable diameter hoops

Materials used: Room 40D ripstop Nylon Lightweight, nylon rain fly superlight RS 30D groundsheet: PE superlight Nylon 2000 building: Polyester RS 75 D

Weight: 1 370 g to 1 780 g

Interior dimensions: 205 x 95 x 100 cm

Recommended retail price: 450 Euros
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