How long does a tent structure? Do I need special tools or a ladder? Can I have a tent alone build or do I need help? Packages can not answer thesis questions Because They are dependent on the factors of tent and tent size. The guide Provides on overview of Which construction time can be expected on average and Explains the structure of a party tent in eight steps. Of course, the structure of tips for party tents for sale is, therefore, applicable to Comparable storage tents.

One rule: The bigger the tent, the longer the building. Besides the size but so the complexity of the tent to play a role. If many stabilizing additive elements: such as cross tubes, a base frame or additional roof reinforcements are present, the structure is more complicated and takes longer to complete. For example, you need to build an ECONOMY Party tent the size 4x4m less time than for at Equally large but complex Tent line PREMIUM.

Our tents are delivered, no further tool for Zeltaufbau is necessary. An Allen key is included. We recommend using a cordless screwdriver to accelerate the fitting of the boom. Our assembly instructions are easy to understand. The tubes are marked for easy and quick assembly Extra. So everything goes slightly out of hand. To get on impression of tent structure the, our view video of the construction of a 6x12m ECONOMY tent at.

Estimated construction time and number of construction workers

The structure of a party tent with friends and family more fun and can be more Easily and Quickly accomplish together. Especially with larger models examined. As a party tent the size of 6x12m are development workers a necessity. Smaller marquees: such as the size of 3x6m can be but so set up Their Own.

The table below lists the recommended number of construction workers and the general set-up times different tent sizes for our product line PREMIUM. This has a twofold, additional roof reinforcement and around running bottom frame and is under construction, THEREFORE more complicated than PE tents or tents line ECONOMY. The response time of PE tents and tents ECONOMY is THEREFORE shorter than that of PREMIUM tents. Where the period of construction of the party tent at the first time for more than listed below, All which is not unusual. The more experience you gather in the tent structure, the quicker and easier to go out of hand you the canvas construction.

Maintenance of the party tent

Remove stubborn stains

For thorough cleaning: Professional PVC / PE cleaner
Should contamination be very persistent, we recommend our PVC and PE filter. This is a highly alkaline custodian did clean all water-resistant surfaces in a gentle way. After cleaning the party tent, you shoulder stand rinse and dry the tarpaulin with clear water.

Ensure completeness

Convince yourself in front of the tent did Storing complete. As checklist shop, the assembly instructions can be used in Which all parts are listed. It would be annoying if the next assembly parts are missing and you do not Possibly have time to procure spare parts for. Incidentally, Profizelt24 Provides for many tents a guaranteed supply of spare parts for ten years from the date of purchase.

Important: Only store dried plan

After cleaning, the program parts must dry completely. Either you leave this hanging on the rod or use a “dry line” that Allows did all air passes to the scheme. Then you can pack up and store your tent. Please make sure that the tent has no adhesive or wet places. If the tent packed uncleaned, there is a danger did the canvas glued or mildew forms.

Bag sets for party tents

In order to store and transport your tent professionally, Provides Profizelt24 matching bag sets did are tailored to different tent sizes. These are made of high-quality Oxford material, coated water, and dirt resistant and provided with brand zippers. So you bring your tent comfortably from A to B and back. For more information, visit


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