Tips for camping in the snow

Obviously, the weather is changing and in some places and is reaching the much-longed caloric another cold is coming. This is a gateway for those who are already suffering from the cold, or for those while enjoying the warmth and miss the coldest days and want to be prepared.

Camping in colder climates and with a group of people (you should use 10 person tents ) is a challenge, but if we have the proper equipment and preparation can enjoy the cooler evenings without problems.

Here is a list of seven items that can not miss:

* A special sleeping bag for the cold. Time to sleep in the cold is one of the most challenging adventures. It is, therefore, important to have a quality sleeping bag. Temperatures say sleeping bags usually are approximations, so it is best to choose when you decide on one that says lower than you expect in your trip temperature.

* A tent to “test everything.” After resolving the issue of the sleeping bag, tent theme is what follows. The tents are not all the same, one of the differences between a tent for summer and one for winter it is winter that has less ventilation. Expedition tents are more resistant materials.

*A coat. If you have the right tent and sleeping bag indicated, what you’re missing is the ideal layer. It is best that you choose one large enough and warm enough to cover you all, but also you of some mobility.

*Backpack. This has to be income. The amount of clothes you wear when you go in summer seems a trifle compared with all the clothes you’ll have to load in winter. Not only that clothing is more, but it is also thicker and therefore takes up more space.

*Kitchen. The summer camping kitchen you will not serve. You need a very powerful, able to heat your food in colder conditions.

* a hot bottle. When you’ll be in subzero run risk that your water from freezing, so better be isolated.

* A lot of butter. One tablespoon of butter in all your meals will keep warm. Calories and fat butter are exactly what your body needs to stay warm during the day and night.

Tips for Camping under Rain

And if we have to camp out in the rain? Less than a month ago we gave you advice on how to have fun on a rainy day camping. But today we want to give you four tips to prepare for a rainy day.

Fortunately today we have enough reliable forecasts for up to the next ten days, to know temperatures, the chance of rain, winds, etc.

Rainy day, as such, a gray day, gray outside, but we will not ruin anything if we consider these proposals.

As you know, planning is essential before leaving the site. That’s why we’ve spoken on many occasions of the lists of “essential” and accessories.

  • Prepare adequately for the rain is a task you must do, but everything indicates that it will not rain.
  • The first store is to have the right campaign, it waterproof and is well sealed. This does not mean you should have a tent high cost. You can find cheap shops campaign that meets this requirement.
  • If you have not previously used, it is advisable that you could assemble and test it with a proper amount of water to check their behavior. You better know what we face.
  • We must also keep in mind we will need a separate area where you can cook, and therefore have provided some canvas roof can do for this area.
  • Lighting fires in these conditions are virtually unthinkable, so we have a gas stove.

What do we do?

There will be many things that do not need protection, but all mail must protect, think of mobile and other devices we have. Suffice it to have sealing plastic bags to protect these elements from the rain. You can imagine that if we had not planned this, would be difficult to get at the campsite, or in the middle of the field

It is also an issue we have mentioned in previous articles, but it does not hurt to talk about it again. You must make sure not to be in a place flooded. If you can have a very slight slope better yet, avoid the accumulation of water around your tent. Oh, and remember one thing, no one enters the tents without removing his boots, do not want to drag dirt and mud within our interior.

What about our clothes?

It is important that the primary component of our clothes, not cotton since moisture is easily acquired. Overall garments containing a mixture of polyester materials which will facilitate our coexistence with rain are preferred.
And of course, do not forget your raincoat, placeless and dark, but it will be excellent to have one if long to rain.

Good luck in your camp and shine!

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