For cardio training, endurance, muscles toning, legs stretching, many athletes include a rope jumping in their training. Whether you are a beginner or experienced athlete, jumping rope can provide a complete workout.

Today, I have a blog post for you that is different than normal. This time, it is not about outdoor activities but an indoor sport. After taking up jumping rope training, it seemed fun to write an article about all the advantages. I hope you like this and let me know if you want to see more articles about sports.



The jump rope is an indispensable fitness accessory giving results as good as the often expensive and extensive fitness equipment. Jumping rope is the perfect fitness exercise to burn calories, lose weight, a flat stomach to get and avoid cellulite. Here are benefits that jumping rope brings out:

1) You train your whole body with rope jumping. You use your abdominal muscles to keep balance, your body to jump, your arms and your shoulders to rotate the rope. It is both a cardio and strength training. It is also an excellent way for you to improve stamina.

2) You can do it anywhere. For people who are shy to exercise in front of others, this would be the perfect workout as you can do it in your living room, bedroom, or backyard,…

3) 1 hour of jumping rope can burn 1300 calories. I’m sure that you can jump continuously for one hour, but it is possible to divide the total training time into small sets.

4) It is cheap. All you need are a jump rope which costs a few euros and can be found at a sporting goods store or toy store and a good pair of sport shoes

5) Jumping rope provides more flexibility, coordination and balance

6) It is suitable for everyone. Whether you are untrained or well- trained, you can do it at your own pace.

7) Jumping rope is good for your heart muscle. Your heart rate will jump very quickly while jumping which puts your heart muscle to work well.

8) There are many variations of jumping rope training. You may have thought that rope skipping is boring at some point. But the true is that there are many variations of jumping rope, such as jumping on one foot, crossing arms, swaying sideways, run at your place, one-time jump or two-time jump and more.

9) Jumping rope is a good warm-up exercise. If you are planning to do a heavy workout, jumping rope is a good warm-up task, because your heart rate will go up quickly and all muscles in your body are heated.


Beginners should start with a light nylon rope, which is cheaper and less painful when you miss a jump compared with other types. If you intend for an intensive workout, you should choose a leather cord.

Remember: There are also skipping ropes with weights to put the arm and shoulder muscles to work harder.


To exercise well, you have to adjust the length of your rope. Put one foot in the middle of the rope and pull the rope up. Ropes for beginners should come to just below the shoulder level. With advanced trainers, they may come to your waist.


  • Your body should be perfectly straight (your head lines up with your neck and spine)
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles
  • The knees are slightly bent, the elbows bent in an angle of 45 °
  • Your palms are facing up
  • Use your wrists , not your arms to rotate the rope.

Anyone can practice this sport, even people who are slightly overweight. But if you have back or joint problems, or if you have surgery on your legs, you had better avoid this sport. In any case, you should not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor before you start any sport.


Jumping rope requires a large dynamic effort. As you begin, it is recommended to alternate the exercises with active walking, exercising on the elliptical trainer, cycling, even running, or activities that will develop your endurance quickly.

Before you start jumping rope, you must observe some precautions:

  • Never jump on barefoot
  • Stretch before you start
  • Wear appropriate clothing (women’s fitness bra required!)
  • To avoid muscle stiffness, do not forget to stretch after each training session.

Tips for beginners: When you jump for the first time, do not start immediately with a daily workout for a half hours. This will be overload, and a lot of muscle pain will come along with it. Start your training slowly and listen to your body.

Also, a little variety in jumping is never wrong. This ensures that the training is less boring. It also helps to jump with music or to practice with several people.



If you are an experienced exerciser, you can jump rope as a complement to your training. You put your calves, quadriceps and glutes to work with this training. For a complete program, feel free to train your upper body with stretches, push-ups and pumps. Remember to warm up before each workout.


The jump rope is an ideal training accessory for runners. Not only to improve endurance, but also the ability to concentrate. When you train, you make, per minute, hundreds of small jumps. That takes tremendous concentration to adjust your speed and the height of your jumps constantly.


  • Bring the rope moving from the wrists.
  • Opt for small jumps: with great leaps, you become much more tired and lose your balance faster.
  • To make it more difficult to, opt for a rope that includes weights in handles.

If you jump regularly, you will soon see results: your muscles are silhouetted, you get a toned body and your stamina is getting better. You’ve got it, jumping rope is the fitness exercise! Give it a try and see the difference!

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