There is a huge range of tents if you are looking for the best family tent. They differ in shape, in size, materials, usability, weight and price; you name it. But which tent fits well the best for your needs; in your way of celebrating holidays and budget? Our store staff can advise you very focused, but also here we’ll give you some tips. What to look for when purchasing your tent?

Do you pull like around by car, bicycle, motorcycle or on foot? And state your tent somewhere different every day? Then choose a tent that is lightweight, dries quickly and is easy to set up. You can choose from the following materials:

Common lightweight materials


Nylon fabric is very light, durable and flexible. Nylon is a somewhat elastic material: it stretches when wet and shrinks when it dries. Nylon tent is waterproof by coating on the inside; the material can not breathe, so you can have condensation some suffer without proper ventilation. Nylon is more sensitive to UV-light than polyester, but at the cloth, quality tents are usually treated with a UV-resistant layer on the outside.


Polyester canvas fabric does not absorb moisture and is quite lightweight. Polyester is quite stiff and stretches and shrinks considerably less than nylon. A tent made of polyester looks right after setting rather wrinkled, but this disappears after some time. In contrast to nylon, polyester is not elastic. When tensioning is so much strength to stand at the seams, the stitch holes are larger. To prevent leakage of the substance should, therefore, be equipped with tape on the seams. Waterdichte by a coating on the inside of the cloth, the tent is not breathing.

Stay longer on one camping spot

Did you put the tent forget for a few weeks in the same campsite? Choose a tent with a breathable canvas. This offers more comfort, warms more slowly and is more durable than polyester or nylon. You can choose from the following materials:


Cotton is a natural material that is waterproof and breathes well, which creates a very pleasant climate in the tent. Another advantage of cotton is that it is much more resistant to UV-radiation can then be a polyester or nylon tent.

Poly Cotton or T/C

Polyester Cotton, also called “technical cotton” (T / C), is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Advantages are that the material is lighter, absorbs less moisture and dries faster than cotton. It is slightly cheaper than tarpaulins of 100% cotton but has all the properties of cotton. Furthermore, poly cotton more resistant to UV radiation than polyester or nylon.



To indicate whether a cloth is coated and therefore waterproof, states the number of mm water pressure shown on the price tag. A water pressure of 1.000 mm means that one square centimeter tent canvas can withstand the pressure of 1 liter of water without permeating. For a tent outside the European minimum standard 1,500 mm. A little quality Canvas may soon even 3.000 mm to 10.000 mm! A tent with a water pressure of 10,000 mm is of course longer than the same tent with 3,000 mm water.

The term ‘ripstop’ is sometimes used in polyester, cotton and nylon tarpaulins. Ripstop no particular fabric, but a special way of weaving. It is every few millimeters extra thick thread incorporated into the structure, creating a sort of diamond network. This system protects your tent better to tearing.


So far, some aspects which you should look for when you want to buy a tent. There are, of course, to think of more things. Want to five years to buy a new tent or at least twenty years to do with your tent? Choose a nylon or polyester inner tent? Or one of (poly) cotton? You go camping every year, perhaps more often, or camping you for so many years? Groundsheet which best suits your camping style? And the poles are most useful: aluminum, steel, fiberglass or carbon fiber? Whatever your camping needs are, Vrijbuiter has the tent. And equally important: shop staff with a lot of knowledge and experience can help you with specific advice!

Hope you find this post useful for the purchase. For more information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/. Good luck!

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